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Munkkiniemi beach

Municipal service, Culture and Leisure Division, City of Helsinki. Source:

Contact information

  • Munkkiniemenranta 44, 00330 Helsinki


  • +358 9 310 23668 (call)

    Phone number:

  • No email provided


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  • Period 3.6. - 11.8.2024: - Mon-Sun 10.00-18.00

    Opening hours:

  • Look at the route to this place (New tab. The HSL Journey Planner is not an accessible service)

Lifeguard on duty

Services: dressing rooms, shower, toiler facilities, exercise equipment, ice cream kiosk and a play area. The dressing rooms are open during the lifeguards' working hours, but are closed about half an hour before their working time ends.

Web sites

  • Blue-green algae situation and swimming water temperatures on the map ( (new tab)

  • Swimming water temperature (Beach sensors, in Finnish) (new tab)

  • Swimming water quality (new tab)

  • Sports facilities at the beach (new tab)

  • Instructions for using the beaches (new tab)

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