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Oulunkylä sports park artificial ice rink

Municipal service, Helsinki. Source:

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  • Address: Käskynhaltijantie 11, 00640 Helsinki

  • Phone number: No phone number provided

  • Email: No email provided

  • No home page provided

  • Contact person: Facility supervisors, +358 9 310 87887 (call)

  • Opening hours: The artificialice ring will open on Thu 18.11.2021 Mon 8.00-15.00 and 17.30-19.00 Tue 8.00-15.00 Wed 8.00-15.00 Thu 8.00-15.00 and 16.00-17.30 Fri 8.00-15.00 Sat 10.00-13.30 and 19.00-22.00 Sun 10.00-11.30 and 18.30-22.00

  • Opening hours: Exceptional opening hours:

  • Opening hours: .

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Please only come to us if you are asymptomatic.We recommend the use of a face mask for people over 12-years-old.Practice good hand hygiene Keep a safe distance

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