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City of Helsinki register office

Municipal service, Helsinki. Source:

Contact information

  • Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, 00170 Helsinki

  • Phone number: +358 9 310 13700 (call)

  • Email:

  • Home page (new tab)

  • Opening hours: The registry office's customer service is open during workdays from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mail to the registry office can also be left in the mailbox in the City Hall lobby, Pohjosesplanadi 11-13.

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Web sites

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Electronic services

  • Subject access requests of personal data (new tab)

  • Education division, subsidies for organisations that provide recreational activities to children under school age who are not participating in early childhood education (new tab)

  • Education sector, optional extra grant application (new tab)

  • Education, compensation for exemptions from payment of afternoon activities application (new tab)

  • Education, operating grant application for organisers of afternoon activities for school children (new tab)

  • Education, general grant application (new tab)

  • Kaupunginhallitus, asukasosallisuusavustus (new tab)

  • City Board, general grant application (new tab)

  • Helsinki City Executive Office, integration grant for associations (new tab)

  • Kaupunginkanslia, työllisyysavustus (new tab)

  • Culture, Application for Art and Cultural Subsidies (new tab)

  • Sports services, institution and foundation grants (new tab)

  • Liikuntapalvelu, Starttiavustushakemus (new tab)

  • Liikuntapalvelu, suunnistuskartta-avustushakemus (new tab)

  • Sports services, event grant application (new tab)

  • Sports services, operating grant application (new tab)

  • Nuorisopalvelut, loma-aikojen leiriavustus (new tab)

  • Nuorisopalvelut, projektiavustushakemus (new tab)

  • Nuorisopalvelut, toiminta- ja palkkausavustusennakkohakemus (new tab)

  • Nuorisopalvelut, toiminta- ja palkkausavustushakemus (new tab)

  • Rescue services, general grant application (new tab)

  • Sosiaali- ja terveystoimi, yleisavustushakemus (new tab)

  • Environmental affairs, general grant application (new tab)

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