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Service map

The Service Map contains information on public service locations (for example, schools, daycare centres and health stations) in the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa, in addition to the wellbeing services counties of Western Uusimaa, Vantaa and Kerava.

The Service Map also provides information on other services, such as HUS hospital network x-ray units, sports and recreations services in the city of Kirkkonummi, HSY recycling points, Aalto University and other governmental services. The Service Map also shows several private services via the City Platform service.


Use the Service Map to locate, among others, the following

  • health stations

  • schools

  • daycare centres

  • swimming halls

  • playing fields

  • libraries

  • youth centres

  • after-school activities

  • recycling points

  • hospital x-ray units

  • ticket machines for paying for parking

  • public artworks

  • events

  • street addresses

  • civil defence shelters

Service Map search options:

  • Write a word (for example, daycare) in the search field and the service will provide you with several suggestions. Choose the suggestion that is most suitable and click Search.

  • Write the specific service (for example, nature trails) you are looking for in the search field and click Search or press Enter.

  • If the search doesn’t provide you with the exact information you are seeking, you can narrow down the search by clicking Refine

  • You can also narrow down the search by entering a more detailed phrase (for example, schools in English) in the search field.

  • Enter a street address or the name of a street near the services you are seeking.

Click the small x inside the search field to clear the search. Click the arrow within the search field to return to the previous search. If your search results come up empty, please check your search words for typos and your city setting.

Your search results can be arranged in:

  • alphabetical order, A–Ö

  • reversed alphabetical order Ö–A

  • most accessible first

  • closest first (give permission to locate you)

If you have indicated a sensory processing issue (for example, ‘I use a hearing aid’), a search will automatically rank the most accessible services first (in this example, those services that provide an induction loop). If you switch off this kind of map setting, your search engine ranking order will may change.

If you give the Service Map permission to determine your location, a search request will automatically rand the services closest to you first. You can also enter your address in the Service Map manually.

Address search

You can also write your address in the search field to find services near you. The search field will suggest street names to choose from, and after you have selected one, it will suggest specific addresses. The Service Map also generates certain area suggestions for Helsinki locations (for example, school catchment areas).

Find the following under the heading Services in your area:

  • health station

  • maternity and child health clinics

  • Finnish and Swedish pre-primary education

  • Finnish and Swedish comprehensive education, grades 1-6

  • Finnish and Swedish comprehensive education, grades 7-9

  • parking areas

  • postal code areas

  • neighbourhoods

  • civil defence districts

  • civil defence sections

  • civil defence subsections

  • nature conservation areas

Services list

The Services list contains each of the headings Service Map uses. You can use the list to find one or more service entities (for example, Outdoor sports parks or Daycare). Once you have selected the service headings you seek, remember to click Perform search.

My settings

You can find the Settings options under the header the top of the main page and also under the search field. You can adjust the settings by clicking on any of the statements that apply to you:

  • Hearing and sight:

    • I use hearing aid

    • I am visually impaired

    • I have a colour vision deficiency

  • Mobility impairments:

    • I use a wheelchair

    • I have reduced mobility

    • I use a rollator

    • I push a stroller

  • City settings:

    • Helsinki

    • Espoo

    • Vantaa

    • Kauniainen

    • Kirkkonummi

If you select a mobility issue setting, your searches will show you first which locations allow easy access with, for example, a rollator, and what specific accessibility issues that location may have.

If you choose a specific city in the city settings, the service will only show you data associated with that city. If you do not select any city, the service will generate data about all the cities.

Map Tools

Under the Map Tools heading, you will find a selection of helpful Service Map functionalities that can enhance your use of the service. These include:

  • Embedding tool

  • Download data

  • Print

  • Measure distance with a mouse

Background Map settings

Several settings are also available for the background map. These include:

  • Service map default

  • Aerial view

  • Guide map

  • High-contrast map


We are grateful for all feedback, as it helps us to make the Service Map even better. You can send general feedback about the service to the service developers at (opens in new tab).

You can also send feedback directly to the individual service locations. After you have selected the service location in question, you will find a Give feedback button at the bottom of the Information column on the left side of the screen.

Data and copyrights

The Service Map has been developed as extensively as possible by using open data and open APIs. The source code is available in GitHub, and everyone is encouraged to participate in its development.

The data provided by the service is compiled from OpenStreetMap, whose copyright belongs to its makers. Information on public transport journeys is compiled from Helsinki Region Transport’s Journey Planner service. Service Map data can be used freely, with the exception of photos of public artworks, which are protected by copyright and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

File descriptions can be found on the City of Helsinki website at:


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